Alannah was born in London in 1980 and educated at St Mary's Wantage. From an early age she showed a keen interest in painting, developing a passion for the work of the Renaissance artists.

Having always drawn her inspiration from that era, she decided to continue her classical style of painting in Florence where she spent three years at Charles Cecil Studios, studying the techniques of the Old Masters such as Velásquez, Van Dyck and Singer Sargent.

Having focused primarily on portraits during her years in Italy, Alannah continued on to paint still life and landscapes and has now developed her style by combining it with a more contemporary use of colour and content.

Throughout her work, Alannah strives to convey her passion for painting and drawing by capturing the interaction of light and shade.

Her commissioned portraits take place in her studio in Fulham. Alannah also spends her time landscape painting in Suffolk, taking advantage of the intense quality of light and the diversity of the coastline.